Transparency in Contracting


The team at North Canadian Construction Group believes in 100% transparent contracting, we believe that when renovating communication is a priority, especially with the client. We educate our clients on what needs to be done, how and why, as well as when we will achieve the finished product. Providing the details of the project gives our contracting clients a sense of security as they know exactly what to expect and the level of quality and care we provide. Clients are not versed in the costs and demands of a project, so for North Canadian Construction Group, it is vital to offer transparency in not only pricing but the process as well.

We hold ourselves accountable, all team members know where the responsibility falls and who is responsible for making decisions. With managing and coordinating several individuals on several projects at once we understand having clearly defined roles and identifiable leaders mean that our clients can expect clarity throughout the project process. Lack of transparency in construction planning and project management leads to communication issues, low efficiency and wasting product and time. When we boast that we finish all things on time and within budget it is because of the transparent model that we can make this claim.

North Canadian Construction is also meticulously organized, we track everything and follow up with communications, this ensures there is no miscommunication and neither party feels misled. We embrace the digital world because it is easier to track communications and revisions digitally. North Canadian Construction Group clearly demonstrates and shares invoices, expenses, plans, timelines, calendars, etc. We believe that transparency means expectations and contracts are clearly outlined which means fewer disputes and surprises.

Our team also embraces constructive criticism and feedback even when it isn’t necessarily positive. Being receptive to honest criticism means we do not view said feedback as an insult or a reflection on who we are as a company. We treat negative feedback as an opportunity for growth and that which isn’t brought to our awareness cannot be addressed. We are receptive and accepting of any information that is brought to us, we want it to be clear that we do not wish for concerns to be unheard. By adopting a transparency mandate we prioritize building healthy, lasting relationships with our clients, consultants, designers, contractors, etc, across all our connections.


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