The Trade Partners of Westminster YQR


North Canadian Construction thinks it’s important for you to know the individuals and contractors that are involved in the huge project taking place in Westminster. The goal was to increase the footprint of the client’s home. We have torn the roof off the existing structure and added an office, toy room, bedroom and a bonus room. We have added over 1300 square feet of additional space to this home.

North Canadian Construction is the general contractor behind this huge project. We are coordinating all the additional sub-contractors, ensuring everything stays on budget within the given timeline.

The team at Clear Space Design Co. is the incredibly talented designers behind the design aspects of this remodel. Responsible for the construction blueprints and 3D rendering of the concept, this project would never have gotten off the ground without them. Clear Space Design is also responsible for the interior furniture plan and styling of the spaces created. They are also tasked to make the mudroom functional, make the bedrooms more fun and playful and update the living room for a more classic and stylish appeal.

The addition to the home required a foundation that BL & Sons Construction constructed. Their team provided the forming and installation of structural concrete creating a foundation of 34.4M or 370 ft². Their quality workmanship ensures that we can build off of a solid foundation because you want to ensure you’re off to a good start before investing time and money on such a large project.

Town & Country Plumbing and Heating is doing all the electrical, plumbing and heating/cooling installations required for Westminster. They were chosen because their team is composed of certified and experienced technicians. Their Labour Guarantee ensures that our project is completed professionally free of defects, with a commitment to their work, complete satisfaction of the clients’ expectations and the project’s completion.

Once we had completed the framing, ProRoc Drywall Services is the trade partner who supplied all the walls. They did the boarding, mudding, taping and finishing of all the wall installations. We use ProRoc Drywall Services for all our drywalling needs because they have proven themselves professional and consistent in quality time and time again.

Dean Gerhardt of NG Photography is the media partner of the project. He is documenting the entire process, all of the interviews, and he has a specialization in the video. Gerhardt was responsible for all the really cool drone shots.

This large project couldn’t have been done without all the skilled sub-trades applying their time and expertise. When you employ professionals you can be confident that they will skillfully navigate any challenges that are uncovered. Together with North Canadian Construction develops solutions to problems unforeseen throughout the entire process and having a skilled and experienced team means we can take all challenges head-on confidently to ensure we complete the project to specification and client’s expectations.


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