Spring Renovations: Curb Your Enthusiasm & Make Your Home Appealing


Spring is the time to get back to the yard work and enjoy the beauty of nature so taking time to invest in your home’s exterior can pay off in terms of curb appeal. First impressions matter, whether you want to sell or display to the world a sense of who you are the façade of your home is a great place to start and what better time than spring. North Canadian Construction wants to help curb your enthusiasm and apply your excitement to your home’s design.

  • Make your home A-door-able

A really simple and inexpensive to make your home pop is by painting your front door a bright colour. Not only can your personality be expressed by literally the first thing people see when they come to your house but it can really liven things up.  It is also a little commitment, don’t like the look of it? Repaint it. Simple. An interesting fact: door colours can have meanings, in fact in colonial times a red door was a symbol that travellers were welcome to stop by for the night. Front doors can also channel the Art of Feng Shui depending on what colour you choose.


  • A Step in the Right Direction

After winter, you may find that your front porch steps are causing some safety concerns and now that spring has arrived it is the perfect time to change out the rotten boards and secure any loose boards. You may just need new steps and railings, which can be very difficult for individuals not versed in rough carpentry, especially stair stringers. If you’re lucky you may just need a quick coat of paint to liven up space.


  • Yellow Brick Road, Or Driveway

Incredibly overlooked is your driveway, but it is another opportunity to draw in visual interest. You don’t even have to be extreme with your driveway design, you can simply install a cementitious overlay which is repaving your driveway’s concrete and then stamping a texture or design into the concrete. At the very least you should check your driveway for cracks and perform any repairs required(especially if you have asphalt) and give it a power wash!


  • All For One and One Floral

What is more suggestive of spring than flowers, flower boxes are a lovely way to bring life and energy to your home, the best part is opening the windows and getting that fresh spring air with hints of floral scents. Flower boxes can be designed in a variety of ways to express your home and your individual style, not just the box either, you can be really creative and practice your floral arranging abilities.


  • Check Out These Knockers

So you’ve painted your door, but it’s missing something. Getting your door a beautiful door knocker is monumental to really establish your door as a focal point. If you want a more classic knocker design or maybe something newer with a more modern design there is something for every budget and style. We recommend being mindful of the materials and durability of your new knocker as well as carefully measuring your placement. We find the best location for a door knocker is 4.5” from the base of the door/floor.


  • Sheerly You Can’t Be Serious

What do your windows look from the outside? With the wrong window furnishings, you can really detract from your curb appeal. Soft window coverings can be defined as those made from fabric, as opposed to blinds, shutters or shades. There is a wide array of soft window coverings, and spring has finally sprung so your house doesn’t need the heavy insulation of those dark curtains. Put up those sheer curtains and let the sun in and brighten up your space.


  • We’re On Your Side

The biggest spring renovation you can make to the exterior finish of your home would possibly be the exterior walls. Whether you simply paint the outside, cork spray, install vinyl or hardy shakes, vinyl siding, stucco, stone, wood siding, the design options for exterior finishes are limitless. If you choose to renovate your exterior wall finishes this is a great time to explore options to increase your energy efficiency.


  • Hit the Deck

It’s important you craft a space outside so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labour with a deck. When you wish to simply repair, stain and seal your existing deck or are ready for a new deck package we’ve got you covered. There is a bunch of design options and decisions to be made involving renovating or building a deck so it’s best to have an idea what you want to use for the deck before you start.


However you decide to get your home ready for spring and summer, North Canadian Construction is the transparent contractors who are enthusiastic about helping you achieve your curb appeal goals. We are here to build your new deck, paint the door, build your flower boxes, whatever you need. We are the contractors who do it all and we do it better.


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