Raise the Roof, It’s Spring: Roof Maintenance Rituals for a Longer Roof Life


Spring is finally here! That means the snow is melting and your roof is being put to the test. By inspecting your roof you can mitigate larger problems later by detecting and resolving smaller problems when they start. By checking on your roof at least once annually, instead of only checking on it when you have a leak you can make its lifespan last up to 50% longer, and by extending 10 or even 5 years the savings easily cover any maintenance costs. We absolutely recommend inspecting your roof before and after winter. Roofs are a big investment and integral to ensuring your home has defence against the elements such as rain, snow, hail, etc. Try and set out to do these tasks on a sunny day when your roof is dry and free from snow. There are several things to check off your roofing list to ensure it is functioning at its best.

Clear your roof of loose debris – leaves, rocks, branches, etc..  and clean out gutters, drains and spouts. Doing so will require heavy-duty rubber gloves, and scoop out all the leaves, debris and gunk. Avoid leaning on the gutters and eavestroughing, and flush with a garden hose. This is a great time to install gutter screens or covers. If you find there are large chunks of particles in your gutters it could indicate your shingles are experiencing deterioration. Trim any overhanging foliage and remove all branches rubbing your roof. If you notice any mould or moss you want to use a gentle moss remover solution and gently brush away the moss without damaging your shingles, this is important because moss can lift your shingles. It is important not to use a power washer or any brush with hard bristles or you can increase the number of large particles that are loosened from your shingles. Moss, mould or watermarks can be indicators of clogged drains.

Inspect that equipment such as plumbing vents, attic vents, furnace vents, chimneys, skylights, etc. are properly installed, flashed and all have a watertight seal. Caulking that is missing or cracked is a quick easy fix that maintains the watertight seal of your roof. If you have a chimney you should take this time to close off the fireplace and clean out your chimney as well. It is an ideal time to inspect your chimney for damages, missing bricks or mortar and repair if need. Inspecting your roof for leaks and deterioration can help if you pay careful attention to the surfaces of your roof, discolouration or staining and rusted flashing can be signs of problem areas. Inspect for missing or loose flashing, nails, blots. By tightening and replacing your roof hardware you are fortifying the roof’s integrity and ensuring it lasts. Loose flashing can also harbour mould production so inspect any flashing pulling away from the roof. Expansion joints should be inspected for cuts, tears, gaps, etc.

It is important to inspect the inside of your roof from the attic, any checklist you have should always include the interior parts of your roof. If you uncover stains, peeling paint, mildew, mould, drips or leaks, this can indicate the integrity of your roof is compromised. Leaks can run along your roof and the location of the problem area may require some sleuthing. A compromised roof can cause the trusses, rafters and beams to crack, rot or rust, so be sure to check those as well.

On flat rooves or any roof with high traffic foot area consider installing rubber roof pavers, walk pads, or roof walkways. Flat roofs with any low spots or standing water is a huge red flag if gravel-top make sure that the gravel is uniform. Metal roofs require inspection for loose, corded or otherwise damages panels. You may want to create a checklist specific to the needs and features of your roof. And grade each inspected item or element so that you know what items to be watching with each yearly roof inspection.

If you find asphalt shingles are peeling, curling or even partially lifting this is an indication that your roof is nearing the end of its life span and you may need to replace your roof. It’s important to recognize that any old repairs you have done should be inspected because often there are points of stress and are often the areas repaired experience damage quicker. Every homeowner should be versed in the basics of roof maintenance, but roof inspections can be done by trained roofing professionals. By trusting a skilled professional with your roofing needs you can feel rest assured that the structure of your roof and by extension, your home are protected. Many repairs may be covered by a warranty if you select a professional. North Canadian Construction can save you money on repairs and replacement by ensuring your roof is inspected and maintained.


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