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Every Tuesday at 12 pm we host someone in our local community to talk to clients, contractors, local entrepreneurs and pick their minds. We discuss their businesses, current events and more, so tune into our Instagram every Tuesday at 12 pm to listen.


Tuesday, March 31st we sat down with Tammy Langmaier, owner and operator of Taco Time Regina. Recently she moved her operations on Avonhurst Drive to Rochdale Boulevard after 20 years of business operations in the Avonhurst location. We had technical difficulties so the interview did not occur but we did ask her some questions advance:

We asked Tammy if she could tell us about the project she hired us as a general contractor for and what was the end product you were looking for?

TL: I hired your company to do leasehold improvements for a Taco Time. I was pleased with the finished product.

Considering the design, do you feel we provided quality craftsmanship within your budget and timeline?

TL: The budget was a little off I feel that if things were done a bit different the costs could have been lower. But I am very pleased with the outcome.

Since completing your renovation how has your new space helped your day-to-day life?

TL: We are very pleased with the outcome of the new build.

Did you feel we communicated effectively, keeping you informed and responding timely?

TL: Yes

Were there any opportunities to exceed your expectations that we may have missed?

TL: There were a couple of things missed but due to the tight timeline we worked together as a team and the job was finished to my complete satisfaction.


We wanted to ask her more questions and elaborate more on her answers, but unfortunately were not give the chance to do so. We also had some fun things to talk about but we are more than happy to share them with you now.


Fun Facts:

TacoTime first opened in Canada in 1978 in Lethbridge, Alberta by Jim Penny. TacoTime was founded in Eugene, Oregon in 1960 by Ron Fraedrick.

There are nearly 300 TacoTime restaurants in existence in the United States and Canada.

62% of surveyed redditors vote Taco Time is better than Taco Bell.

I think Taco Time beats out Taco Bell alone for their use of real cheese, in fact, each year employees at Taco Time grate over 600,000 pounds of 60-day aged Cheddar cheese. YUM!

Brandon’s favorite Taco is actually a Crisp Beef Burrito, did you know each year Taco Time employees prepare over 3 million Crisp Burritos and laid end to end they would total over 700 kilometers!

There is actually a connection Taco Time has to the construction industry:

When founder, Ron Fraedrick opened his second restaurant, he purchased an electric cement mixer to make his famous taco flavour, his secret seasoning and hot sauce recipes were developed by him personally to achieve the perfect taste.

Please visit our Project Gallery to see all of the Taco Time In-Progress and Completed images!


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