NCC Group presents: Community Construction Conversations

Every Tuesday at 12 pm we host someone in our local community to talk to clients, contractors, local entrepreneurs and pick their minds. We discuss their businesses, current events and more, so tune into our Instagram every Tuesday at 12 pm to listen.

Jason established his business in 2018 after years of working hard and dreaming he brought his vision to life. I have been honoured to help him bring said vision to life. You can now find BlueCore Barber Co at 280-2410 Dewdney Ave.


Fun Fact:

BlueCore Army stickers are popping up all over. They can be found Leopold’s Tavern North, Weyburn, Reno, (Nevada), and even hidden in faraway places like Bali. We’ve even seen your gear be repped in Turks and Caicos. Watch the video to learn more places where this logo and branding have been sighted!


We hoped you enjoy the weekly podcast and for more information please read more into the project here and see the finished project gallery here.

Building Communities Together. North Saskatchewan Construction.


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