The Construction Industry Grapples  with COVID-19


The Canadian construction industry is currently experiencing struggles with the looming threat of COVID-19 as cases are increasing daily. Many provinces are feeling the pressure including Saskatchewan. At this time Ontario has had some construction-site traced transmissions and has advised some job sites must suspend activity, Quebec has paused some construction sites as well. Nova Scotia’s construction industry is adapting its practices to prevent the spread of the disease on job sites. Many provinces including  Saskatchewan have released statements regarding the business that are permitted to remain open, many of which the construction industry is deemed an essential service, to view all provincial deemed essential services see here. The Newfoundland Government released an excellent guide for the construction industry and how businesses can minimize risking exposure to the virus while maintaining operations:

“All contractors should incorporate COVID-19 transmission and prevention into all job hazard analyses and pre-task safety planning for all aspects of the work. This tool is provided solely as a guideline. Contractors should continually evaluate the specific hazards at their job sites along to determine the most appropriate job hazard analysis for the project/task as it relates to the spread and/or transmission of COVID-19.”

So, what is North Canadian Construction doing to remain creative and flexible, yet safe and healthy in these unknown times? Firstly, we are keeping a close eye on COVID-19 developments and monitoring the Saskatchewan Construction Association’s COVID Information Hub. We are washing our hands and practicing excellent hygiene as we visit job sites. We are diligently following social distancing, keeping an eye on the number of individuals at a Jobsite and limiting our clients and subcontractors’ contact. We have also reduced office hours and we have some staff working from home when and if they are able. You can find an excellent resource guide for any small, local Saskatchewan construction business at SCA’s Third Party Bulletin for all things on COVID-19. More exciting is the new program we have started:

DIY @ HOME: with North Canadian Construction, our new online video consultation service.

This new program has been developed out of need since COVID-19 has many Canadians isolating in their homes. We have found many people are stuck at home and attempting their own DIY projects or are staring all day at things they want to be fixed or finished. With the Corona Virus, it’s hard to provide renovations and service calls, some people don’t want us in their homes and we are trying to practice isolating and social distancing too so entering other’s homes isn’t ideal for us either.

Visit to send us a request for a live DIY @ HOME one-on-one video consultation. Let us know what you need help with and we’ll schedule live video consultations for anyone who is willing to use their own hands. In highly skilled cases we will direct them on how to make due until we can connect them with a professional once the caution regarding the Corona Virus has subsided. We have hundreds of contractors ready to jump on the line to help you out. Contact Us today to schedule a conference call – The best part is there are No Call-Out Fees! Together we can stay home and stay safe while crossing things off your Honey-Do list all by yourself.

This program was designed all in an effort to keep our community safe. Without community we have nothing, so we want to take this moment and thank the community for their continued support and for staying home and keeping one another safe.


Building Communities Together. North Canadian Construction.