Character Homes


We’ve noticed that as companies want to build faster and cheaper new homes, these homes are being built uglier. Sometimes opting to build affordable housing comes at the cost of building neighbourhoods with personality and character. Well for us this is problematic because we believe your home is your haven and we are haven builders. We believe not only should the construction of homes be done with care and quality but also personality.

Great design work is at the heart of any good build, but too often people build modern homes just because they can without considering the character of the surrounding homes and neighbourhood. Now it can be bold to state that these homes ruin entire neighbourhoods, but “ultra-modern” homes can look quite out of place. Newer neighbourhoods in Regina like Westerra, The Towns, Skywood, and Greenside Terrace are consistently designed with contemporary tastes in mind, so building homes with modern styles blend in.

When we say character homes the term is synonymous with heritage homes, referring to homes that are over 50 years old that contain charming details like stained windows and hardwood floors. Getting a character home to its former state of glory often means restoring or modernizing your haven. In both cases removing the carpet covering original hardwood floors is just the beginning. Embarking upon an arduous task like renovating a character home means that there are some common problems to be considerate of.


  • Health issues:

Older homes were built in a time when asbestos was used in several areas of construction.  It was cheap and durable so it was used in the plaster for walls and ceilings, flooring, insulation, ductwork and even exterior siding to give you an idea of how invasive it was. Asbestos exposure has been linked to cancer if the asbestos is disturbed. So before you begin construction it’s a good idea to test the materials in advance.


  • Electric issues:

Are you familiar with knob and tube wiring? Well, it was the building standard a long time but it now considered unsafe. Make sure renovations were done with permits and proper inspections as there could be hidden junction boxes and live wires that may have been overlooked when updating and removing knob & tube wiring. Many of these old wiring outlets may not be grounded, inspectors can examine them along with service panels, aluminum wires and ensure that homes with antiquated electrical systems are safely updated.


  • Energy issues:

Air movement in a home was done less efficiently than it is done nowadays, character homes tend to have many small openings to allow for the flow of air. Getting an energy audit is the best way to get recommendations for improvements. Many of these older homes didn’t have simple things like insulation on exterior walls or in the attic. Knowing your home’s climate and thermal resistance qualities are reflected in Recommended Home Insulation R– Values.


  • Water Issues:

Older homes don’t always have a drainage system that supports contemporary living requirements. Many basement floors slopes to one corner with no drain, this no longer meets building standards. To avoid having foundations damaged from water erosion and leaks from your basement ensuring proper drainage and waterproofing is ideal. Also ensuring your foundation has no cracks where water can seep in will ensure the structural integrity of your character home.


  • Outside:

The exterior of a character home can be the most appealing in terms of visual character, but can also pose some risks. Those older brick chimneys can be unsafe if they have extensive cracks, broken bricks, and missing mortar. Ensure that this structure isn’t leaning away from your home. It’s obvious that when we purchase a home to check the integrity of the roof and windows, but flashing and siding should be inspected with older homes.


It’s important to note that regardless if you prefer those sleek modern homes or a classic character home we are here to help you build your dreams. We are happy to help you modernize your home without compromising character or functionality.


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