You Can Handle The Truth: Cabinet Hardware


Updating, remodelling or renovating a kitchen or a bathroom can be a huge project but the truth is sometimes you can refresh the style of your home/room with small updates. Details like cabinet hardware can really elevate a look. You may not be able to handle a large project such as a total kitchen reno (that’s why you call us!), but you can handle updating some of the hardware. Considering what you adorn your cabinetry with can really put a unique stamp on your kitchen. The number of options can be really overwhelming so let’s look at our options together.


Hardware is the best place to start to figure out what style of kitchen you want, that is, how do you want to be able to open your cabinet. Well-designed spaces like kitchens or bathrooms, and sometimes laundry rooms always factor in knobs vs pulls vs handles because this feature isn’t treated as important as the colour and finish of your cabinets, but it is.

  • Handles: Best for pull to open doors when you want a fill-hand grip. Handles are offered in so many styles, finishes, builds, lengths, embellishments, etc. that the amount of options has made this cabinet hardware the preference. Handles also offer variety in their placement, they can be installed vertically, horizontally, diagonally.
  • Knobs: Ideal for more custom designs specializing in artisanal, delicate or custom When selecting knobs it is important to consider the shape, finish, depth, and base. Knobs offer options for creativity as well so you can be a bit bolder, i.e. home-made from concrete molds, rulers, or paintbrushes.
  • Pulls: Pulls have been growing increasingly popular. Pulls can add flair to cabinetry and furniture that may not be as bold. Our favourite current trend is leather pulls as a cabinet pull because they are luxurious but also very creative looking. It’s important to consider the width of the space you are adhering to the pull to as well as the width of the pull itself to ensure it is cohesive with your style and vision.
  • Hinges: As functional and necessary as hinges are, they also an opportunity for fun. Instead of leaving them as an afterthought, your hinges can be the classic wrap-around type, semi-concealed, surface mounts, butterfly hinges, there are a huge amount of options that can tie into your space update.


Materials are the next step when you imagine your dream cabinets, what do they look like? What they are made out of is really integral to communicating your style. Handles, Knobs, Pulls, all hardware has a multitude of options and opportunities to convey the character of your spring renovation.

  • Stainless Steel: This material type is not susceptible to corrosion making it a staple material. It is also considered a “green” material that is recyclable.
  • Zinc: Malleable and soft, zinc is a common material for custom-tailored hardware or piece with the details of a craftsman. Zinc can be manipulated into any style and appeal to any design palette, however, the base material’s quality must be carefully considered as it can wear over time.
  • Brass: Excellent durability, a multitude of treatments and finishes, as well as a natural shine, Brass makes for great hardware. The best part about Brass is its antimicrobial qualities meaning those handles require no cleaners or chemicals to be sanitary.
  • Marble: For one-of-a-kind hardware marble offers character, the color that channels expensive-looking, luxurious decorative options Marble is a great material. Most commonly marble is found as the base for a pull, knobs, and sometimes hinges and for the DIYer, there is the option to make your own faux marble knobs.
  • Pewter: Pewter is a malleable metal alloy, it can come shiny and glossy or matte, the mix of copper and tin give pewter a unique rustic look but still have many finishes to guide the style of the material.
  • Ceramic: If you’re looking for something crisp and clean, ceramic is a great material and can offer artisanal styles with detailed patterns and styles that are reminiscent of art-deco and Victorian styles, perfect for vintage restoration.
  • Acrylic: Versatile and easily customizable acrylic hardware offers bold statements. Our current favourite is clear acrylic handle pulls, acrylic can be modern or vintage depending on the design.
  • Glass: Capturing light and sparkling from across the room glass comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes and has been fortified for strength. If you find glass as material appealing you might even consider handles or pulls made from crystal.
  • Stone: Similar to that of marble, stone offers truly unique hardware knobs and pulls in a variety of shapes and colours that differ from each individual piece to the next.
  • There are so many more options too, chrome, nickel, wood, and don’t forget to consider the placement of your hardware.


This is a starting point for only a tiny facet of what can be a huge project. If you feel overwhelmed we can help. North Canadian Construction will listen to your wants and needs and communicate with our teams of designers and subcontractors to coordinate their execution. That includes all the tiny details of a project like a kitchen and a bathroom hardware. We are the contractors who will help you clarify your vision and channel your style into your home.


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