BlueCore Barber Company: Blue Collar Built


North Canadian Construction Group is a member of the Bluecore Army, we are the Blue-collar workers that built the BlueCore Barber Company, protect our freedom, renovate your homes, work on your car, transport goods, etc. The term blue collar was first used in reference to trading jobs in 1924, in reference to manual work or workers, particularly in industry. BlueCore Barber Company is capturing that nostalgia of manual workers wearing blue denim or durable canvas and the popularity of blue among manual laborers. The team at NCC Group are the manual laborers is blue and we take pride in the projects we build and the work we complete. Therefore, building BlueCore Barber Company is one of those projects that we felt very passionate about being part of.

North Canadian Construction Group was responsible for developing the space to create Jason Zalusky’s vision. BlueCore Barber Company was a concept Zalusky had been talking about for over 3 years. After long and overdue deliberations and making modifications to our original plan, Jason Zalusky finally found a suitable location: 280-2410 Dewdney Ave, Regina, Sask.

The location was a blank canvas, an empty shell ready for a dream, Zalusky’s barber dream. NCC Group constructed all interior walls, created a private staff room and bathroom. We contracted every business that participated in the build and facilitated the trade work, scheduling and material sourcing. Our team utilized many subcontractors who contributed; ProRoc Drywall, J.Hawk Painting, and Town & Country that completed the plumbing and electrical components. The logo, branding, marketing and development were designed and implemented by M3 Market Media Management, along with all the printed graphics. Cupboard Brothers their CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine to cut BlueCore Barber Company’s logo in developing a wood stencil for the first time ever, which resulted in a beautiful logo is painted across the barn wood.

High Hill Welding completed custom work for BlueCore Barber Company as well, such as a light fixture, railings, hose holders, etc. which are one-of-a-kind and very suiting to the shapes atmosphere. Richards Lighting supplied all the bulbs to gain the ambience Zalusky wanted to capture. Jason Zalusky gathered collectibles and materials for a long time to establish the right feeling in this space and craft his dream. There was a huge amount of modifications and customizing completed including counters, shelving, chairs, barber stations and many found objects to meet the needs of the space and craft Zalusky’s vision. We took over 80 licence plates and had them rolled and crafted into custom rustic wagon wheel chandeliers. We visited his grandmother’s farm and collected items to use as construction materials such as barn board and shingles many of which have been in his family for over 80 years. The shop has personal touches inside and out, and just as many antiques. North Canadian Construction Group worked hard and diligently, our hand was involved in everything and we are proud to say we help Jason Zalusky build his amazing dream, BlueCore Barber Company.


For more information on Jason Zalusky watch our podcast here and see the finished project gallery here.


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