Looking to hire a general contractor for your next renovation or new build but not sure where to start? Hiring a general contractor can be a daunting process, but if you do your research you’ll find the perfect contractor for the job! There are a few different things you should consider when hiring a contractor for your project:

            First, you should consider looking at testimonials and reviews from your contractor and their sub-contractors. This will help give you a good idea of what other clients feel the contractor does really well to see if they are the best fit for your job. It is also a good idea to talk with your contractor about what subcontractors would be working on the project so you can do your own research on them as well. Make sure your contractor and their subcontractors’ quality of work is up to your expectations, you enjoy their style of work, and that they are trustworthy and easy to work with!

            Another thing to consider is making sure you have a plan for what work you will need to have done. If you are prepared you will have a better idea of what the scope of the job will be and what type of work will need to be completed. This will help you get more accurate quotes from contractors so you can gauge what is reasonable. This will also help you figure out if the work is within the contractor’s scope. The more you know about your project the easier it will be to find the right contractor for you.

            Taking a thorough look at your contract is important when choosing your contractor. This will help you set reasonable expectations for your project’s timeline and scope. Paying attention to details here is key. Make sure you know what you are signing and you agree to the terms. This will help you determine if your contractor is agreeing to complete the project as you are expecting – Don’t sign a contract with the contractor if you see red flags. You should be confident and excited to work with your contractor!

            If you’re looking for a general contractor for your next project, do your research and be thorough! At the end of the day, your experience should be stress-free and you should love the end result as much as you loved working with the contractor. At NCC we work hard to exceed our customer’s expectations and leave our clients with a space you love! Through our transparent construction process and working with the same subcontractors on every project we can offer competitive pricing and a great experience for you from start to finish! If you want to learn more about the work we do at NCC and all of the amazing trade partners we work with on our jobs check out some of our finished projects and testimonials located on our website and on our social media pages!

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