Whether you are renovating your home or building a new one, there are so many steps to the process and a lot riding on having the result that you envisioned. No matter the scope of your project, there are a variety of different trades needed to do the job right! This process can be stressful for a homeowner or business owner to deal with, especially if they are not familiar with the trades working on your project and the scope of their work. Take that stress off your plate and bring in a general contractor! There are so many reasons why hiring a general contractor to manage the subtrades for you can make the renovation or build process less stressful for you!

           First of all, letting a general contractor manage your subtrades takes the stress of hiring subtrades off of you and gives you peace of mind that the right people have been hired for the job. This means you only have to deal with one company, your general contractor, as opposed to personally dealing with all of your trades. Your general contractor will manage relationships with the trades and ensure work is completed properly and any problems are dealt with right away. If you have an issue or concern, you only need to speak with one person who will coordinate with the subtrades for you!

           Another benefit is that the general contractor will be familiar with the trades, their scope of work, and will know how to communicate with the trades. The general contractor speaks their language! While it is still good for you to have a basic understanding of what your trades are doing, you can leave worrying about the scope of each trade’s work to your contractor!

           Your general contractor also likely already has relationships with the subtrades. At North Canadian Construction Group, we have a loyal group of the best skilled trades in the community that we work with on every project! This is often the case meaning your general contractor can ensure quoted prices are accurate. There is also the possibility that your contractor can get discounts on the work completed by their trade partners which saves you money on your project!

           Overall, working with a general contractor to manage all of your subtrades takes stress off your plate! It gives you a direct line of contact to speak with and build a relationship with. Your contractor can manage relationships with trades on your behalf and ensure your work is completed right and on schedule. The general contractor is also familiar with the trade’s scope of work – the general contractor will get the right people for the job! At North Canadian Construction Group, we work hard to exceed our clients’ expectations and leave them with a space they love! Through our transparent construction process and working with the same subcontractors on every project, we can offer competitive pricing and a great experience from start to finish! If you want to learn more about the work we do at North Canadian Construction Group, check out some of our finished projects and testimonials located on our website and on our social media pages!

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