Heaven Must Have Vent You


Do you recall the days when air vents were cathedral-style baseboard heat registers and they were large and gaudy? Contemporary floor registers and vents aren’t aesthetically pleasing and can really distract from the visual appeal of a home renovation or a flooring upgrade. That’s where Aria Custom Vent Solutions solves the problem.

The passionate and innovative designers behind this revolutionary product are Paolo Mantenuto and his daughter Roberta Mantenuto and they founded Aria Vent Ltd. in September 2016. Aria vents are made and designed completely in Canada. The goal was to create a vent that was hidden as best as possible, and is designed to be beautiful, simple and most importantly, functional. All Aria vents are painted with a powder-coated finish, so you can repaint the vent any colour you like. Aria vents are the only registers than can adapt to any and all surfaces and applications, offering customizable options elevating air vents from an eye-sore to a design feature. Aria vents can be retrofitted to existing surfaces, are easy to clean, feature pet and child-proof safety features, so no pet fur/tags are caught, and no toys are lost.

To measure your vent and find the right size follow these three steps:

  1. Remove the existing air vent cover or air register.
  2. Measure the length and width of the duct opening.
  3. The size of the duct opening will tell you what size air vent you will need.

Aria vents come in several sizes, can adjust airflow, and can be mounted in the ceiling so regardless of your needs there is an option for you. If you’re building new or renovating something old, North Canadian Construction Group installs Aria vents for sleek looking ventilation.


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