5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Contractor


When choosing a general contractor for your project it is easy to go with the cheapest options, but if we have learned anything from professionals like Mike Holmes from Holmes on Homes cheaper does not always equate to better. Renovation disasters make for great television but are horrible for practical and efficient living spaces. North Canadian Construction is confident that when you select the correct contractor you can actually save yourself time, money and a huge amount of stress. We are confident that choosing us for your next project will exceed your expectations so we want to demonstrate our transparency with our clients and teach you what to look for when selecting a contractor.

  1. Experience
    The contractor should have the experience required for the scope of the project. Does this contractor have the skills to ensure these projects meet completion? An excellent contractor will not withhold information, they demonstrate transparency, so their skills should be evident when asked about their past projects and experience. It is imperative that the individual has management experience because they are going to need to oversee purchase orders, track permits, collect documents and keep sub-contractors on schedule. You can ask the individual what their unique skills and abilities are to learn more of their detail work.


  1. Resources
    What sets a contractor apart from you is not only their construction skills and experience but most importantly their industry-specific network and connections to resources. A good contractor will have connections within the industry and know where to get products and services that you won’t know the name for. A professional contractor has established a network for themselves, and how transparent they are at sharing their resources can demonstrate if they are the correct fit for your project or not. An upstanding contractor will have no qualms about sharing their sub-contractors, materials & suppliers. Hesitation to share their resources with you may be a red flag.
  2. Communication
    If the contractor cannot take in the information you provide and demonstrate understanding they may not be a great fit for your project. The success of a project is contingent on a contractor’s ability to effectively communicate with subcontractors, designers, clients, suppliers, etc. Without this, the project may fail to be on time and within budget. A contractor skilled in communication can also capture a client’s ideas and visions onto paper and achieve the desired results.
  3. References
    We ask for references when we interview someone for a job, so why should a contractor be any different? Don’t hesitate to request references from a contractor. North Canadian Construction utilizes social media and our website to demonstrate performance on prior jobs. If a contractor does not have photos readily available you can ask for contact information from their most recent projects. If you are having your kitchen renovated then request the last 2-5 kitchen renovations or projects of similar value. By specifying the value or type of project you are eliminating the ability of the contractor to pick the customers they are guaranteed to get glowing reviews from. Asking for references guarantees transparent communications regarding safety concerns, quality, budget, and schedule.
  4. Responsibility
    We have already mentioned that a low price is not the best way to select a contractor, that is because a responsible and transparent contractor will give you an accurate estimate that is well-informed. Poor contractors will quote exceptionally low prices and often don’t manage time well. This is why budgets can grow out of control with the wrong contractor. Cost management is not the only area in which a contractor can demonstrate responsibility, a contractor’s responsibility can be demonstrated from whether or not they were late to the quote meeting or if the contractor discloses their resources or safety incidents.

Depending on the size of your project you may be spending a large amount of time with your contractor, it is important that they are personable and you like them. If your personalities are not compatible it can lead to a very unpleasant experience. It is also important that all agreements be established in writing, transparency in the contract means everything is outlined from the timetable of the job to the description of the work, materials used and even payment schedules.

North Canadian Construction wants to share these inside tips because we are honest and trustworthy and we believe in communication and building rapport and reputation with all of our connections. We are always willing to offer our professional input to ensure you get the best whether you choose us or not.


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