NCC’s Jobsite Playlist

            Many of us hate the thought of Monday morning, so we often crank the tunes to get us motivated and moving. We like to turn up that powerful jobsite radio on at the construction and work out, heh, get it- work? Seriously though, major power tool manufacturers like DeWalt and Milwaukee offer amazing sound systems in their product line ups designed with the working man and the noisy jobsite in mind. The hardworking team at North Canadian Construction Group enjoys listening to the world of music while we work so we created a fun playlist for the jobsite. Here are some of the things you might hear when you come to see our jobsites.

1.     “Wrecking Ball EDM/Dubstep Remix
Miley Cyrus

2.     “Pink Floyd – Another Brick In The Wall (Vintage Culture Remix)
Pink Floyd

3.     “Workin’ Day And Night – (SWG Remastered Extended Mix)
Michael Jackson

4.     “We Built This City (Agent K & OnDaMiKe Remix)

  1. Highway (Under Construction)”Gorillaz

6.     “Land Down Under (Chachi & Paige Remix)
Men at Work

7.     “Work ft. Drake (R3hab Remix)

8.     “Work From Home (Muffin Remix)
Fifth Harmony

  1. She Works Hard for the Money (Dance Remix)”Donna Summer

10.  “Mo Money Mo Problems (Naxsy Remix)
The Notorious B.I.G

11.  Brick by Brick – 8 bit LeÜ Remix
Arctic Monkeys

12.  A Hard Day’s Night (remix sreed)
The Beatles

13.  Heigh Ho (Club Mix)

14.  Taking Care of Business (Remix Edit w Hype)

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